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My Summer Foe

What is the purpose of a fly? Seriously. And by that I am referring to the common housefly that multiplies by the millions when heat and humidity come together to form a force of weather known colloquially in my homeland as ‘this bloody heat’. I’m sure that there is a perfectly reasonable biological explanation for the existence of these little buggers. Probably several considering … Read More My Summer Foe


An Appreciation for Autumn

A subtle smile crept onto my face the other day as I was walking my dog, Oghren, with my fiance. It was an evening walk to a local park often frequented by other dogs (who kindly allow their masters to accompany them) and one where I couldn’t help but gander around during the pleasant pauses in between the intermittent poopy times where my little … Read More An Appreciation for Autumn


Who Decided It’s Horrible?

As a lifelong Englishman living in England, a country that has an English propensity for rain, I tend to hear these words very, very frequently. “Oh, it’s raining again. What horrible weather!”

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