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The Wrath of Lust from Shadow to Dust

She, a woman of profound reputation and dark machinations. She of raven hair and porcelain skin. She of sensuous beauty who with the flicker of her eyelashes and the lure of her legs can consume the very will of a meagre man and drive him to madness as his mind fills with lustful desire. For this night though she stares at him from afar, … Read More The Wrath of Lust from Shadow to Dust


The Legend of Old Erathos

Long before any man set foot on the continent of Gaiaden, before their Kings and Courts would come to rule over the cities of Winter and Stone, there was Erathos.


Crocker Hop’s Drop

Would you be prepared to do that which you would expect of a fool? For a fleeting glimpse of silver and gold, would you dare risk what the tales have already told? Would you risk your life in the pursuit of wealth if someone were to ask you to do so in exchange for completing a simple game of dare and drink?

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