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The Journal of Felix Emberheart Part 1

The wait is almost over. Tomorrow is the day I will finally leave Amberfall and embark on a journey I’ve been waiting for ever since I saw my first map of the Wester Vale in father’s study as a child. A chance to fulfil my dream of seeing the world, not through the journals of my predecessors or in the paintings of Goldhallow Hall … Read More The Journal of Felix Emberheart Part 1


The Magic and Misgivings of Meticulous Maps

I have always had an affinity for maps for as long as I can recall and it is a fascination that I still maintain to this very day. When I think back to my childhood I remember having vague recollections of drawing out crude charts of our local surroundings as I would journey with my mother and sister to wherever it was that we … Read More The Magic and Misgivings of Meticulous Maps


A Will of Bitter Winter

The bright, white moon shines above in the sky, clear and far, whilst the red moon wanes. Samaia, the goddess of life and rebirth, has dominion this night over her sister Ashyara, the goddess of death, as the white moon shines strong. The snows of the Lochlands are falling softly and silent in the lands of winter. Meredith Lockewood, the only child of Lord … Read More A Will of Bitter Winter

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