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Broken in Bastion

His fingers are trembling but not because he is cold. His mind is racing though he cannot pick one thought from another. Through hazy eyes this naked man, covered in soot and the filth of dead creatures, sits huddled in the corner of a mineshaft as he struggles to come to terms with where he is. A hundred questions are battling for focus through … Read More Broken in Bastion


Remnants of a Shadowmancer

‘Where is he now, Guardian?’ The Arch Magister’s words echo loudly across the halls and through the wings of the now almost entirely vacant Citadel. All mages, merchants, scholars and any whose rank does not read Guardian or Magister have been confined to their quarters, for their own protection. ‘He’s been taken down below, by order of the Commander.’ ‘And is he secure?’ 


The Wrath of Lust from Shadow to Dust

She, a woman of profound reputation and dark machinations. She of raven hair and porcelain skin. She of sensuous beauty who with the flicker of her eyelashes and the lure of her legs can consume the very will of a meagre man and drive him to madness as his mind fills with lustful desire. For this night though she stares at him from afar, … Read More The Wrath of Lust from Shadow to Dust

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