Broken in Bastion

His fingers are trembling but not because he is cold. His mind is racing though he cannot pick one thought from another. Through hazy eyes this naked man, covered in soot and the filth of dead creatures, sits huddled in the corner of a mineshaft as he struggles to come to terms with where he is. A hundred questions are battling for focus through his head but he hasn’t the sense to comprehend them, let alone have the clarity to give himself time to stop and figure something, anything out. Continue reading “Broken in Bastion”


The Road of Red Leaves

The bell in the city square chimes as the horn blows for the first time. Deep is its cry and far its call. Screams echo through the streets of Noldum as the blood of its people drenches the soil outside the city gates along the dusty stones of the Axeway leading to the Road of Red Leaves. The dark of night is descending quicker than usual as the rain clouds gather momentum in the skies above.

The solitary guard captain of the evening watch, Keon, who was woken from his slumber by the panicked cries of a recently enlisted and still inexperienced recruit, walks the wooden ramparts of the stone wall dividing the Dukedoms of Elumbria from the wild, green woods of Ardenea. After a sudden but almost decisive first assault by the Yslfar, whose arrows pierced the very rain drops to fall upon hundreds of defenceless citizens, he is now the last commanding officer of the city watch guarding the Axeway. Though he is yet to realise it.  Continue reading “The Road of Red Leaves”


Conversations in the Sky

It is a warm evening in Amberfall as the rains wash over the city, blanketed by the glow of the setting sun. The Amberglow is full effect for everyone still walking the streets of city. Clambering road vendors hastily shelter their goods and tavern goers stand in awe with their ales at hand as Mithron’s gaze simmers through the rain drops causing a cascade of colour to fill the sky as the sun beams through the stained windows of the glass towers dotting the illustrious Glass Quarter. Continue reading “Conversations in the Sky”

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