This is a song once sung centuries ago by the sons and daughters of Ayrlaston to raise their spirits and rally their hearts as they marched to into battle at the behest of their Kings.


The battle horn sounds as we go to war

One by one we stride into the fore

By our Lord’s command we will cross the shores

And we will meet the morning sun


This evening we drink to honour our home

Seeking our enemy, we face the unknown

We’ll burn their land and crush their stone

And we will meet the morning sun


Our banners fly high as we march this night

Glory is ours as we stand ready to fight

We’ll battle as one till we greet dawn’s light

And we will meet the morning sun


Our war is done, the battle is won

Blood coating our steel until there are none

Our King be praised for now we are done

And we will meet the morning sun


After one particularly bloody battle that saw the destruction of an entire farming village caused by a petty feud between the brash young King of Ayrlaston and a stubborn Archon from Sollistar, a wounded warrior sat alone slumped against the base of a tree and wrote one final verse to add to the song. This verse would be discovered and read aloud to his soldiers by the warrior’s father and commander of the legion ordered to destroy the village. Each word was written in the blood of the dead that coated the warrior’s blade.


I lay awake this night, my thoughts filled with dread

Bodies rest at my feet as I stare at the dead

How can we claim their lives without any regret?

By our Kings command we have seen to their end

I will end my strife, this blade will pierce my head

This battle claims another life as I welcome my death

I’ll never again meet the morning sun


That arrogant fool of a King, spurred by anger and blinded by ignorance, would never again go to war during the course of his short reign on the throne of the heartland kingdom.

Photograph by Anthony Nicholas.


13 Comments on “The Morning Sun

    • I am not aversed to the sight of a dark winters grey myself but I am glad that it evokes something in your mind as a result of reading it. Thank you.

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