I would like you to do me a favour please, if you would allow me to take a few minutes of your time? Pause what you are doing for a moment and go and put on some music, a single song of your choosing. It can be any song you wish, one of your all-time favourites or perhaps something you have never heard before and I would recommend that you do so alone if possible though if not, that’s fine. Whatever is comfortable for you.

Now close your eyes and shut the rest of the world out. Just stop, be still and listen to the song intently and wholeheartedly, as if nothing else exists except you and that song.

I’ll wait a bit whilst you play it. Remember to keep your eyes closed, breathe deep and let go of everything.




Are you back yet? Excellent. I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t then why did you put something crap on?! If you accidentally listened to something wretched that just happened to pop up on the radio the you have my condolences but never mind. Try again if you need to. Hopefully you will be smiling by the end of the tune.

Now comes the great part. What ideas came to mind whilst you were listening to that song? A story, a scenario, an idea, a song of your own perhaps. What awoke within you? What sort of inspiration arose from that flicker of a whim that was born in your thoughts while you were letting the music encompass your mind?

Music can be a powerful tool to get the whims and woes of creativity into a state of overdrive, at least for me anyway, and I would be remiss if I did not share this potentially useful advice with you. It can be so easy to just let what we listen to seep into the background and become only a minor part of the larger whole of what we are trying to achieve. But if we just stop everything else and let ourselves act as if we are listening to music for the first time, as if it had never existed until that very moment, and just let it do to us what it has the potential to do – then you may be surprised at what is born within.

Let music be the key that unlocks your mind.

13 Comments on “Unlock Your Mind

  1. Ha, that’s brilliant, love this idea. I’m sure a lot of my writing is influenced by a subliminal muse (or indeed Muse) woven from the music I have playing.

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    • It worked for me twice recently and both times I didn’t realise until afterward where the inspiration actually came from.

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      • Haha, I know what you mean. You could extend this exercise to a thematic album or playlist just to keep the feeling going.

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      • Ah, playlist good thinking. That would work. Although if I’m honest, there was enough to create a novel from the first listening. Thank you Stuart, I feel like you’ve given me a gift.

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  2. As a dancer (former, of course), music was my life, all genres. While writing, i played songs from those years of my life. The song drops me right into a vivid memory and I go from there. What you say is true. Music is a powerful tool for life.

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  3. I do my best writing while listening to music. I have several playlists, each one a theme–a mood. Excellent post, Stuart!

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    • To get lost in a song is to become lost in thought and this is by no means a bad thing. Thanks for your contribution.

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