A subtle smile crept onto my face the other day as I was walking my dog, Oghren, with my fiance. It was an evening walk to a local park often frequented by other dogs (who kindly allow their masters to accompany them) and one where I couldn’t help but gander around during the pleasant pauses in between the intermittent poopy times where my little hound presents to us warm gifts of smelly, brown floor cakes. For the record I don’t recommend ever treating such gifts as food. If you are struggling with my overt sarcastic overtones and need to be warned about this then you probably shouldn’t own a dog – or live by yourself. Don’t eat the poop!

Anyway, there was a pleasant chill in the air, the sky was darkening sooner than anticipated and the whole seasonal atmosphere was changing as we folk of Middle England prepare for that most glorious, and my absolute favourite, time of year that is Autumn. There are many reasons to celebrate this beautiful period of each passing year and of course I am going to list the most applicable to me, because why not.

The Summer and I aren’t exactly on great terms and I cannot stand being too hot, so the cooler Autumn temperatures are just perfect for me. That same previously mentioned day in the park was also the first day in months where I returned home from work with my head having not been coated in a layer of sweat from an entire day of lifting, heaving and organising. It was nice.

The skies are darker and much sooner than before, which I like, and when the sun does come out it gleams a glorious shine on the multitudes of sparkling colours from the dark green of the grass to the glisten of crimson, amber and golden leaves, which I love. The mornings are magically misty and the evenings offer a bounty of opportunities to bask in reverie, to contemplate anything and everything that comes to me as I stare into the impending darkness of the merging of the high sky spheres of the sun and the moon. They also tend to share the same skyline from time to time which is also brilliant.

My fiance will begin her gradual descent into adopting her minor hibernation habits that involve getting cosy under blankets and duvets, frequently imbibing warm beverages such as tea and coffee, eyeing up the soup aisles in the supermarkets to renew her collection of tinned meals containing toasty, flavoured, bowl puddles as well as cosying up to the dog on the sofa in our candle lit front room to watch some evening television or a movie. ‘Netflix and snuggle’ I believe is the suitable description to insert here, instead of chill which is a more summer appropriate term methinks.

As a fervent gamer the Autumn marks the beginning of the annual onslaught of video game releases that have the potential to mercilessly consume and deplete our time and monies if we allow them. The ones I am most looking forward to this year are the Bioshock Collection, Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, X-Com 2, Dishonoured 2 (yes I added the ‘u’ because I am English after all and the other spelling just seems very odd to me) and maybe a return to my beloved Skyrim in all of its remastered and resplendent glory. There are a plethora of additional releases, a veritable cornucopia of gaming goodness that awaits us, but alas my time if finite and my finances even more so, unfortunately.

Then of course there is my favourite day of the calendar, the day the clocks go back. The ever fantastic ‘I’ve got an extra hour to do what I want with’ 25 hour day. Every year I seem to forget that it is coming and every year as it approaches, I open my door to this day for a very welcome surprise. Hello spare time my old friend.

And finally, the most celebrated final four months of every year shall bring to us the festivities, merriment and monetary outlays of Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and many other regional revelries depending on what part of the world you fine folks emanate from. I needn’t go on about what to expect here because you already know. This illustrious time that gathers momentum with the equinox just seems to resonate across the northern hemisphere as a great time to come together and celebrate in whatever way we are so inspired to do so. I say northern hemisphere because they obviously still celebrate some of these festivities in the southern part of the earth but instead of Autumn, they are welcoming the Spring time.

So stoke the fires, ready the broth, bring the ales and let’s prepare to quaff for the Autumn is here and for that I bid you all good cheer.

Enjoy yourselves folks and take care.

12 Comments on “An Appreciation for Autumn

  1. Autumn is my favourite time of year too. Memories of being a kid, the harvest taking place in the field at the end of our garden, harvest festival, and the return to sensible temperatures after the heatwaves of the typical British summer. Apart from November – I’m on record (more than once!) as saying why I find November such a dull month!

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    • Damn, for a moment there I was in your childhood with you.

      Harvest is a term that has lost some of its meaning as we have become so accustomed to having whatever we want whenever we want and so this time of year no longer seems to be quite as significant in regards to the meaning of gathering stock for the Winter. Though I should be grateful for living in an age of plenty, it is a bit of a shame that some of the traditions of the Harvest have been lost somewhat.

      Thank you for your thoughts Clive.

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  2. Summer is the most depressing time of the year for me, so reading this post felt like coming home 🙂. I couldn’t be happier with the arrival of autumn today because of all the things you mentioned here!

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  3. Autumn is my favorite, when the trees grow sleepy and turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. I love the nights best, when I can open my windows and sleep in cool, comfortable air. I love the smell of Autumn–the taste. I love the sound of crispy fallen leaves beneath the soles of my shoes. The coziness of Autumn is one of the things I live for–a most inspirational season.

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  4. I’d like to say that the time I spent in England was in the Autumn. I can’t think of anything better.

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  5. Great post! Autumn has always been my favorite! I love hearing about your fiancé. I think we could find lots in common. Autumn, football, sweatshirts, hoodies, fireplace, kicking up the leaves on a fall walk, and a warm drink in hand all make me smile. 😃

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    • Haha, good to know. Other than the sweatshirts I am with you regarding all of that. I bet you and she could have a good old chin wag over a warm beverage.

      Thank you for commenting Laura and for your kind compliment.

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