The ancient race of Ayl’far were united as one

A vast and blessed realm of grace they had long become

Until war and partition shattered the light that shone

Now they are divided, this once sacred union undone


On a throne of sun the Mithylfar reign

Mighty and proud of their dominion claimed

They will honour their lost brothers with naught but disdain

Sun kissed and stubborn they will endlessly remain


Of pale moonlit forests the Sithylfar fight

To restore their honour in defiance of time’s blight

As if from the nests of crows they will forever take flight

This snow faced race that have conquered the night


From vain ignorance’s past, now no one lives to care

For such hatred and malice that came to bear

Skies weep for the sun and the moon that have been torn asunder

As the Mithylfar remain and the Sithylfar wander

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