In centuries yet known

From eons untold

War welcomes the fire

Step forward the bold


A warm hearth to lie by

He pleads do not cry

Tender sorrowful words

A wife’s final goodbye


Her majestic caress

Such loving embrace

Though never again

Will he bask in her grace


The battle horn blows

For the young and the old

Thundering steps beyond counting

They will never truly know


Of furious war misunderstood

If only a King but could

March forward ‘til dawn

A reign forged in blood


The clashing of blades

The bellowing cries

Of countless lives lost

As it rains from the sky


A field of grim death

The battle is won

Kings wrath to wage war

Yet his judgement will come


She stands in the earth

Her fallen love to find

For that was foretold

Cold steel ended his life


She stares upward to find

A Kings gaze meets her eyes

Hollow is his heart

No care in his mind


His final goodbye

From that tender last night

Meant more than a Kings crown

To the passing of time

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