The Dawn Wars

There are many conflicting ideas surrounding ‘what came before’ during the first age of Ayl’gard and that is all they can be. Ideas. For no one, no man or farling alive can claim to know for there are none who walked the realms at the Dawn of All that live today. These tales, legends of an era that have been passed down through generations, conflict wildly from culture to culture but one thing they all have in common, the one aspect of this era that appears in all the old tales, is the notion of the Dawn Wars.  Continue reading “The Dawn Wars”


The Journal of Felix Emberheart Part 2

We’ve been travelling for about an hour or so now through the mists of Blind Man’s Road after passing by the orchards and farmlands bordering the city and I have been kicked in the shin, had my hair vigorously matted and been laughed at for nearly jumping out of my skin because I mistook a fox running through the brush for a wolf. I have missed my dear sister immensely and she’s as mischievous as ever. We haven’t seen each other for months and already it is as if we have spent the last several weeks travelling together.  Continue reading “The Journal of Felix Emberheart Part 2”


The Price of Fealty

The country of Lochland has never really known true peace since the first settlers landed on its shores centuries ago, long before it acquired its present name. Tales of sadness and sorrow are no strangers to the people of the winter lands. The great Houses that rule the Court of Winter are quite content to feud with one another until the influence or possible intrusion of an outside force deems it necessary to renew ancient treaties calling to arms the combined might of the Court under the banner of the King. If you were to ask any person from another realm in Ayl’gard their opinion of these northerners you might hear words such as ‘stubborn’, ‘foolish’ or ‘hot blooded’. In contrast to this, another fitting description of the frost folk that can be attributed to them is loyal. Continue reading “The Price of Fealty”

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